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OCT 2018

North American Oil & Gas Pipelines covers the news shaping the business of oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance in North America, including pipeline installation methods, integrity management innovations and managerial strategies.

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• Mi-Promises: Employees made a personal and specific commitment/ promise to their loved ones regard- ing what they would "always" do to ensure they make it home safely each and every day. • "Mi-Promises" video: This vid- eo re-enforces the message of the award-winning 2014 "Promise Me" video by featuring Michels employ- ees making candid, unscripted and compelling promises to work safely. • Michels designed and distributed a commemorative Mi-Promises safe- ty coin to celebrate the Mi-Promises campaign and reinforce the impor- tance of each individual's Stop Work Promise. All employees are asked to carry the coin with them each day as a reminder to themselves and their teammates of this essential commit- ment and message. The Stop Work Promise noted above is Michels Corp.'s version on the in- dustry-standard Stop Work Authority. As a way to personalize the concept, and remove any negative connotation associated with the stoppage or paus- ing of work for the sake of safety, Mi- chels Corp. exchanged "authority" for "promise." "We believe it is more actionable and personal to ask each employee to promise themselves, their loved ones and their co-workers to not do work that they feel is unsafe, to speak up if they identify a potentially unsafe con- dition or a team member that may be inexperienced or in a hazardous situa- tion," Nicholson says. "We believe the Stop Work Promise proactively asks all of our people to take in role in safety." All told, ore than 4,000 employees and family members attended the My VIP & Me events in July and August, reinforcing the Michels Corp. com- mitment to jobsite safety. And the HSE group intends to keep the going into 2019 and beyond. "We intend to continue to promote and develop the concept and program, and hope to utilize the momentum we've gained," Nicholson says. "All great and successful initiatives evolve and we believe it is all of our obliga- tion as Michels employees to carry on the Mi-Promises message, and to sup- port and promote it." While My VIP & Me celebrations have ended for this year, Mi-Promises continues on, and that is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a safe pipe- line project. Osborn notes that Mi- chels has an extensive safety program with many initiatives. Specific to each large pipeline projects, Michels holds weekly and monthly award and rec- ognition programs. they also use the company magazine to recognize em- ployee accomplishments. "As a contractor in the pipeline in- dustry, we know we all have a respon- sibility for keeping our employees, others in the industry and the pub- lic safe and healthy," Nicholson says. "When it comes down to safety, and the safe performance of our work, we try to incorporate everybody into the efforts. We believe it is everyone's re- sponsibility from leadership of the or- ganization on down. Everyone!" Mike Kezdi is associate editor of North American Oil & Gas Pipelines. He can be reached at OCTOBER 2 018 | North American Oil & Gas Pipelines 25

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