North American Oil & Gas Pipelines

FEB 2017

North American Oil & Gas Pipelines covers the news shaping the business of oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance in North America, including pipeline installation methods, integrity management innovations and managerial strategies.

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Page 26 of 43 FEBRUARY 2017 | North American Oil & Gas Pipelines 27 "Athene called out to Odysseus: ... hold your hand! Stop fighting your countrymen ... Then Athene established peace between the two sides." Closing stanza The Odyssey by Homer asset replacements to more general m o d e r n i z a t i o n , and integrity re- lated programs but no shift in to- tal spending. This shift will require contractors to take a hard look at their service offerings, bet- ter understand where their customers are headed and then decide if they want to follow the spend patterns of their customers or potentially search for new cus- tomers with whom their current capabilities fit. Overall Conclusions Will the Trump ship of state and our "Constructor in Chief" bring us home safely or will we wander like Odysseus and his crew only to face endless challenges in the pipe- line and distribution construction sector? We are on the side of opti- mism and predict that the next 2-4 years of spending will be several of the best in the overall US and Ca- nadian liquid/gas pipeline and gas distribution construction markets. Our greatest challenges are regu- lation, environmental protest, and the present question of "Who Will Do the Work?" Regulation and en- vironmental challenges are becom- ing more aggressive and thoughtful owners, contractors, and designers will work with stakeholders to find solutions that create high wage jobs, comply with regulation, and protect the environment. Build- ing a workforce to complete 15-20 years of potential work is perhaps a larger challenge and we are aware of a substantial effort to help meet this challenge led by the Under- ground Construction Workforce Alliance (UCWA), an industry col- laboration, kicked off by the Dis- tribution Contractors Association (DCA — This group is undertaking the hard work and building local resources where the shortages are and have set up a pi- lot effort in central Ohio to touch the gathering market of the Utica shale, and the distribution territo- ries of Dominion, Duke, NiSource, and Vectren. This local focused effort is designed to build so- lutions to meet the workforce demands in high priority shortage markets. You can join these efforts, simply contact the associations. Homer closes The Odyssey with Athena call- ing out to Odysseus to stop fighting his country- men. Like Athena who brings peace, alignment and collaboration, we trust that Donald Trump as our "Constructors in Chief" will achieve the same re- sult and lead an expansion in pipeline and distribution construction activity. Mark Bridgers and Dan Campbell are consultants with Continuum Capital, which provides management consulting, training, and investment banking services to the worldwide energy, utility and infrastructure construction industry. They can be reached at (919) 345-0403 or and followed on twitter at @MarkBridgers. For more information on Continuum, visit .

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