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MAY 2018

North American Oil & Gas Pipelines covers the news shaping the business of oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance in North America, including pipeline installation methods, integrity management innovations and managerial strategies.

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Page 26 of 43 MAY 2 018 | North American Oil & Gas Pipelines 27 the water rights, Winkler Services' priority was to preserve a significant amount of the fresh water in the Pecos Valley Aquifer for drinking water. Two years ago, the company com- pleted a deal with the Midland County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 to secure six sections of fresh water rights for Midland County. This water is set aside for municipal drink- ing water in the future to ensure fresh water will be available for the communities in Winkler and Midland counties. "It was imperative for Winkler Land and the Roark fam- ily, as land owners and members of the local community, to responsibly preserve drinking water for future generations. With that goal in mind, it became apparent to us that no one understands the municipal water needs in the area better than Parkhill," said David Lynch, managing partner of Win- kler Services. Parkhill, Smith and Cooper (PSC) helped facili- tate the District's agreement with Winkler Services regard- ing the development of prime potable water on the northern part of the ranch. With measures in place to protect the public drinking wa- ter, Winkler Services has focused on helping production soar in the Delaware Basin by providing water from the Roark Ranch to the energy companies producing in the area. The successful development of the high capacity wells has been accomplished and proven. More than 30 miles of water con- veyance infrastructure and a water station have been placed on the ranch. Now Winkler Services is installing an 18-mile pipeline from the ranch to the west to serve companies with large scale, reliable and consistent water for their oil and gas operations. PSC joined with Garney Construction to provide a turn- key, design-build project for this project. Garney has been building systems that provide clean water for communities since 1961, specializing in water and wastewater construc- tion for public, private, industrial and federal clients. "With the positive experiences we have had previously with PSC, as well as their vast experience with water trans- mission lines in West Texas, it was natural for us to ask them to help with putting our pipeline in place," said Ron Yair, general partner of Winkler Services. "Adding Garney Con- struction as a partner was instrumental because of their repu- tation as the leading water pipeline contractor in the nation." The integrated design and construction of the transmis- sion system will include one high volume pump station, 95,000 ft of transmission piping, isolation valves, flow con- trol valves, air/vacuum valves, blow-off assemblies and nine delivery risers. "The risers provide the flexibility to serve five customers simultaneously along the pipeline, providing water for more than just a single entity," Lynch said. "Most others, I think, have relatively simplistic systems. But the fact that we are go- ing to be able to serve, effectively, five high-volume custom- ers at the same time through a sophisticated, engineered, low

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