North American Oil & Gas Pipelines

JUN 2018

North American Oil & Gas Pipelines covers the news shaping the business of oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance in North America, including pipeline installation methods, integrity management innovations and managerial strategies.

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38 North American Oil & Gas Pipelines | MAY 2 018 BIG EQUIPMENT SHOWCASE P I I / I T I O T O O L S NDT GLOBAL EVO SERIES 1.0 ATLAS UG (832) 462-1000 USA • (780) 612-3100 Canada • PIGS UNLIMITED UFDP SOLID CAST UTILITY PIGS (281) 351-2749 • • A combined geometry and ultrasonic inline inspecƟon (ILI) tool de- livering precise measurement with improved efficiency. Combining a metal-loss or crack assessment with ultrasonic based geometry mea- surement enables a comprehensive inspecƟon in a single run. Deliver- ing mulƟple-aligned datasets allowing an online correlaƟon of anoma- lies that enhance idenƟficaƟon of combined defects. The ultrasonic sensor technology increases the number of sensors, creaƟng an overlap delivering a circumferenƟal resoluƟon down to 8 mm and avoiding deformaƟon shape distorƟon due sensor liŌ-off. Ultrasonic Geometry has proven precise, direct measurement of dents with depth resoluƟon down to 0.1 mm. The increased number of sensors and overlapping, along with state-of-the-art data acquisi- Ɵon system delivers higher spaƟal resoluƟon that can be exploited in the computaƟon of assessment methodologies based on deformaƟon precise shape or Finite Element modeling that requires specific and rigorous geometric data input. The absence of any mechanical calipers ensures that there is no risk of damage to the tool, no pre-calibraƟon required and allows the flex- ibility to perform bi-direcƟonal inspecƟons. Benefits: • No pre-run or post-run calibraƟon required • MulƟple datasets, interacƟons between different feature types can be detected • Contactless sensing - no risk of damage to sensor or liŌ-off • DetecƟon, idenƟficaƟon and sizing capabiliƟes of dents, ovaliƟes, buckles, wrinkles, oŏakes, roof toppings & out of roundness, dents with metal loss and/or corrosion • Dent Strain Assessment available • PRCI Dent FaƟgue Life Assessment shape and restraint parameters available • Available for pipelines with 6 in. to 36 in. diameters Pigs Unlimited InternaƟonal is one of the largest engineered pig man- ufacturing faciliƟes in the world. Our ability to house mulƟple shops allows us to fill custom and standard pigging product needs which in turn, enables us to provide some of the best delivery Ɵmes in the pig- ging market. Our newest line of solid cast urethane products is supported by the largest set of pig molds that allow us to fill our client's rapidly growing demand for pigs. The UFDP is one our solid cast uƟlity pigs that are essenƟal to our growth. They are primarily manufactured in two basic styles. The first is the standard beveled edge disc and the second is the square edge disc. The beveled edge of the UFDP is used for cleaning and batching, but was originally designed to project a full 360-degree coverage of chemical treatments and inhibitors as well as an internal epoxy coat- ing for pipeline rehabilitaƟon. By combining a cup and disc feature, both styles offer excellent cleaning and batching pig properƟes as well as the sealing ability of a cup pig and sweeping ability of a disc pig. Cup and disc pigs are the backbone of the pigging industry. By com- bining both components on a solid cast urethane frame, you gain the capabiliƟes of a steel mandrel pig as well as the benefits of a flexible solid cast urethane pig.

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